Remember to Give Thanks!

November and December are my two most favorite months of the year. Of course, I also love my birthday month, but my favorite things about November and December are; November is about Giving Thanks, and December we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How can you not love those … {check it out}

A Year Ago, “Only If”

For those of you who are on¬†Facebook, know that memories pop up to remind you of pictures or posts that you’ve posted in the past. Some might be from just a year ago, others multiple years in the past. As I’ve been going through this leap, I am constantly¬†reminded about many amazing memories I have … {check it out}

Only 6 Hours ’til Go Time!

It’s 11:07 and I’m laying here in the hotel bed with momma and Kaci! Kac and I are watching How to be Single and moms rubbing my legs. Dad is in his bed almost asleep… Even though I have a strong feeling there won’t be much sleeping in this room nor in my grandparents room … {check it out}

Oh the Anticipation

Hello everyone! Well if y’all are friends with mom on Facebook y’all will know it’s definitely been a rough couple of weeks and that is why I haven’t posted. My plan was to write a post about finally starting my last round of pre surgery chemo but that isn’t going as plan. (Insert sad face). … {check it out}

My Open Letter To Cancer

Oh cancer, Boy do I have a lot to say to you! I could sit here and tell you how much I hate you and how much you’ve changed my family, my friends and my life but I’m sure you already know that! Instead I’m going to sit here and tell you how thankful I … {check it out}