A Year Ago, “Only If”

For those of you who are on Facebook, know that memories pop up to remind you of pictures or posts that you’ve posted in the past. Some might be from just a year ago, others multiple years in the past. As I’ve been going through this leap, I am constantly reminded about many amazing memories I have shared, and how great they have been.

[Real quick, random statement that will make sense in a second; my Mom’s alarm on her phone goes off every night at 9:35 to remind us to get my Neupogen shot out of the fridge. Neupogen is a bone marrow stimulant to help my bone marrow recover after chemo.] Anyways, a couple weeks ago, Sydney and I were sitting in the living room, and Mom was doing something in the kitchen, (Poppa had already gone to bed). My Mom’s alarm went off, she pauses what she was doing and went to the fridge, got a vial out then went to the cabinet drawer and got the needle and syringe out, then just continued what she had been doing in the first place. Sydney looked at me and said, “Only if someone told you a year ago this is what life would be like in this family.” That statement, I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. I immediately thought to myself, “ONLY IF“.

None of this is meant in a negative way, because I truly love how God has changed my life but, only if.

Only if, I was able to be at TLU working on my sophomore year of college.

Only if, I was able to look at pictures and not be shocked STILL because I have no hair.

Only if, I was able to wake up in the mornings, as easy as before, instead of feeling like I have been in a fight with myself all through the night.

Only if, I was able to go places without a wheel chair and crutches.

Only if, I was able to step foot back out on the volleyball court with two “normal” legs.

Only if, I didn’t have to worry about germs, and getting sick EVERYWHERE I go.

Lastly, only if, I was able to wake up every morning with the mind set of a normal, healthy 19 year old. Instead of my mind set of fight, fight for my life to stay healthy, and fight to heal.

Again, I don’t mean these as negative “only if[s]”, but going back to those memories on Facebook I think to myself, “Only if, I had been prepared for this would my sacred memories be different”? I think I speak for most teenage/young adult patients (and maybe even some parents) that “only if”, we had known a year ago this is where our life would be today, things might have been a little different.

Would we have done some things differently?

Honestly, I don’t know, and I really don’t know if it matters. I say this because, I have chosen to look ahead, instead of behind.

What I do know is, if I could, I would have told myself to live each day as if it was MY “only if”. Make memories that I knew I was going to miss out on in college, play my last game differently with the four girls who are now seniors. I definitely would’ve had more late nights with Chelsea, Kaci, and Mercedes, and the list literally could go on for days.

When I talk about a lot of this, many people think I’m crazy. Of course, I am upset, but I truly could not be more blessed with all of the relationships I have been able to make, and for the new opportunities that God has put in front of me.

On a different note, just an update on how everything is going. I am doing great, just been very tired and my body has been very sore since my last chemo. I now only have 9 treatments left and I could not be more excited to finally be in the single digits!!!! WOOHOOO!! Leni is also doing great! Since I had my wound vac put on, the cuts that were not healing have made leaps and bounds. Hopefully not too much longer with “the vac”. As far as getting fit for my prosthetic, I met with Dr. Lewis about 2 weeks ago, and had more follow up x-rays. My hope was that when I met with her she would say it was time, and I could start the process, but reality is my bone is healing VERY slow due to chemo so we are now going to shoot for early December.

At this point, all we can do, is pray and know that God is in charge, and there is really no rushing Him, just go with the flow.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support! I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. AMEN!

“You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth.” Psalms 71:20

Much Love,

Jillian K



Sweet Oli with her new hair cut and painted nails.


Mr. and Mrs. Basso at the “1 Million 4 Anna” golf tournament.


My new Ewings friend Tony and I, along side The Basso’s and 2 administrators from Prince of Peace. ( That is where Tony and I got to speak and also where Anna Basso went to Jr. High)


Mom and I at the releasing of the balloons for Anna.


My favorite little boy, Flint.




Last dose of Doxo!!!!!!!!!!


Trent and I at the A&M & Tennessee game, before his march in.


First dove of the season! WOOHOO


My amazing surgeon Dr. Lewis. Don’t know what I would do without this lady, SHE ROCKS!

Childhood Cancer Awareness month through a patients eyes

I feel like I say this in the beginning of all of my post, but it has defiantly gotten hard to find the energy needed for me to blog… also ideas because there is not as much going on like before.

Anyways as many of you know and if you do not know, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. With this being said it has hit a lot closer to home this year. I have always been very intrigued with anyone and anything involving childhood cancer but again nothing like this year. It has actually made me really think about what this month means and what I can do to make a difference in how people perceive it.

Being on social media I see so much and a lot of what I see is people being negative about how childhood cancer is looked at and how under funded it is. I know I am not a parent going through this and I pray multiple times a day that when I am blessed to have kids I will never have to go through anything like this with my kids but I feel like the way some perceive it is the wrong way. Again, this is my opinion as an older patient and all have our own sooo.

I know that not just parents, become angry over the fact of how under funded and under publicized childhood cancer is but if there was just one thing I have taken from this leap (which I have defiantly taken more than I one thing from this) it is, becoming angry at things or situations does not change the outcome. I have learned what changes the outcome is finding a way to make a difference in the situation. Yes, I think it is ridiculous how under funded and under publicized childhood cancer is, but with that I also know that when I finish this leap and have enough energy, my parents and I are going to brain storm about what we want changed and how we can get those changes done.

Another thing is publicity. I am not sure if it is because I am now friends with more people who have been stricken with childhood cancer, or if there are just that much more people who are wanting to help spread awareness; either way I am truly shocked on how many have shared post or have talked about childhood cancer. Yes as far as government funding we only receive 4%, but it takes us to inform all of the other people who have not experienced this first hand to help us get the word out and hopefully receive more.

So my goal for this post is to hopefully encourage parents, patients, friends, family members and anyone else to not be angry, instead sit down and think of a way to make a difference with this. Come up with ideas and research if there is already an organization or foundation that put funds toward your idea and if there is a not I promise your not the only one upset about that topic so then talk about it and find other people who might be in your boat and together maybe you can start something like an organization or foundation to benefit that. Also pray about your topics pray that there is something that can be done and will be done. As a patient I have so many ideas just no energy at this point in my leap, but believe me every time I go for chemo or see my oncologist or child life specialist I through another idea at them.

Lastly an update on Leni! Its been far to long since I have done this but Leni, Larry (I couldn’t leave him out.. LOL) and I are doing amazing. Leni was having some complications healing but after about a month of bugging my plastic surgeon Dr. Adelman we finally got a wound vac put on and we are on the healing tract. I meet with Dr. A and Dr. Lewis the 27th and 28th of this month and I am praying extra hard that after I meet with Lewis my bone will be healed enough to get fitted for my prosthetic. These past couple of weeks have been rough because I am so ready to be independent and as crazy as this sounds be able to go to the restroom without have to get in my wheel chair or on crutches to get there. It is defiantly things like that that make this really real. But like I said in the beginning all is going well I told mom today I don’t feel bad but I defiantly don’t feel good.

I hope I haven’t run any one off because I haven’t posted in forever but thank you so much for being patient and understanding.

James 1:19-20

“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.”


With Much Love,

Jillian K


Introducing Leni and Larry to the world!

Thank you all for being patient with me seeing as it has taken a while to post. One, because of my computer being stolen and also I have started up my final seventeen rounds of chemo. WOOHOO!!! Many of my other cancer buddies warned me that these next rounds would be a little more difficult than before, and boy were they right. The nausea and body aches are what is really getting me. Today I went for my second round of chemo which means only 15 TO GO!!!

Being back in San Antonio makes me feel a little more comfortable and it’s more like home. (If you can say being at a hospital and having chemo is like being at home).

Leni and Larry have finally made then debut at University Hospital- South Texas Blood and Cancer Center.  For those of you who don’t know who Leni and Larry are – they are the names I have given to my legs.  Leni is my new little leg and Larry is the name of my right leg. Larry’s name is longer because he is the longer leg.  I woke up from surgery with these two names in my head – I have no clue why.  Since then the names have stuck.  My friends and family like the names because they know which leg I am referring to instead of having to say my right or left leg.

Leni and Larry have already had a few adventures.  My favorite one so far is when my dad and I were at a Whataburger drive through last weekend.  Dad asked me if I wanted to “trick” the clerk at the drive through, and without hesitation I said yes.  When we pulled to the window I reclined my chair and stuck Leni straight in the air.  The poor clerk had no clue what to say when she saw Leni, she went and got another clerk to come look at it through the closed window.  I waived my foot at her and she was at a loss for words when she served us our food. Dad and I held it together until we drove off.  I have heard from other rotationplasty friends that there will be many funny stories with my new leg and now I am slowing seeing what they are talking about.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Gabi Shull and her family along with getting to watch her dance. For those of you who don’t know who Gabi is, she is the ballerina on Facebook with rotationplasty.  While I was receiving treatment in Houston for my post surgery infection I was invited to a childhood cancer fundraiser by another of my rotationplasty friends, Jessica.  It was a pleasure to meet the Shaw family and the crazy thing is they have family that has ties to Sinton.  It is such a small world.

On a different note my nightly devotion really spoke to me a couple nights ago and I feel compelled to share it with you.  For those of you who have the Jesus Calling by Sarah Young it is the message from August 9th.  It starts off with saying “wear My robe of righteousness with ease.  I custom – made it for you, to cover you from head to toe.”  Later on it talks about how you can never purchase such a royal garment, no matter how hard you work, it is gift given by Him.  After reading this it made me feel like He is talking about the life Jesus has given me. It also says ” I want you to trust Me enough to realize your privileged position in My kingdom”.  Yes many people may feel that cancer is a terrible thing and should be dwelled upon, but how I have received it is more of gift that has allowed me to become closer to God.  I have learned that for me I feel at peace when I keep myself focused on God.  Of course I do not feel that I am fit for this position he has privileged me with but then I remember all the lives he has helped me reach out to since my diagnosis.

Thank you again for being patient and understanding.

“I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.  For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, … ”      Isaiah 61:10

Much Love,

Jillian K

My sweet baby girl is growing up so fast!


Getting my makeup done thanks to Daddy

Liz finally meeting Leni. Many prayers for her please.

imageGabi, Jessica and I

And just like that.. My life has been changed Forever!

Wow, what a week and a half it has been. Up to this point, I can honestly say this change has been amazing. My family, friends, and I are all adjusting to Little Leni. I have not had any negative thoughts about the decision I made to have rotationplasty surgery.

The first thing I remember after waking from surgery was telling my surgeon, Dr. Lewis, that I loved my new leg.  Many people have asked me if I freaked out the first time I saw Leni and I can honestly say that all I felt was a sense of relief that the cancer is gone.  Knowing that the tumor is no longer in my body makes my heart very happy.

The day after surgery I was doing very well so Physical Therapy came in and allowed me to get up and to sit in a chair.  Well, Leni didn’t like that …  I was put on bed rest for the next day due to intense swelling.  Leni was 70 cm around.  I was downgraded from an ICU patient to regular room on Day 2 and was finally moved from ICU room to a regular room on day 3.

I am pretty sure I had the most visitors at MD Anderson than any other patient during my stay.  I am so Blessed for that and cannot Thank my friends and family enough for coming.   My visitors definitely make time go by a lot faster.  I’ve heard my parents tell everyone that I love visitors and I’m here to tell you that is so true.

God has worked some amazing miracles in my life these past 5 months and I am truly thankful for that.  The anxiety that we all had before surgery quickly subsided when I came out of surgery. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. Yes, I had many people who supported me on my decision, but I also had people who questioned me and tried to talk me out of having rotationplasty. Now that it is all said and done I am so glad I stuck with what my heart was telling me and went with it.

I know that it might be a little while before I get into a prosthesis but I can not wait until that day comes. Leni and I are ready to start rocking and meeting all the challenges that we will face. I know it will get rough at times but I will NOT give up and will have my family and friends pushing and encouraging me the whole way.

Thank you all so much for being patient with me on my post. I know they are at random times but like I have said before I like to wait until I have something to talk about. I also do not like to ask for prayers for myself but I would like to also thank yall for the prayers and I’d like to ask them to keep coming not just for me but also those who are battling this nasty battle.

My parents and I met several new families while we were in Houston. Some who have been battling for a while and others who have recently been diagnosed. I ask for prayer for comfort, strength, and positivity for these families and children. Thank you in advance.


Isaiah 40:30-31

” Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


Much Love,

Jillian K


Last picture with my leg!
Last picture with my leg!
My sarcoma sister Demi and her friend Logann. They were such a blessing 💛
My sarcoma sister Demi and her friend Logann. They were such a blessing 💛
PT time 💪🏼
PT time 💪🏼


Pre-Surgery pics 😊
Pre-Surgery pics 😊
My sweet Bubba ❤️❤️
My sweet Bubba ❤️❤️
Dr. Lewis working on moving Leni
Dr. Lewis working on moving Leni
My rotationplasty girl Jessica! 💪🏼💛
My rotationplasty girl Jessica! 💪🏼💛
The circus came to town😄
The circus came to town😄
Leni and Buc-ee the Beaver
Leni and Buc-ee the Beaver

Only 6 hours till go time!

It’s 11:07 and I’m laying here in the hotel bed with momma and Kaci! Kac and I are watching How to be Single and moms rubbing my legs. Dad is in his bed almost asleep… Even though I have a strong feeling there won’t be much sleeping in this room nor in my grandparents room where my bubba is staying!

Today / night was amazing and I feel at peace with whatever God throws at me tomorrow. I know anything can happen but I have a strong feeling God knows how excited I am for 7/7 and how many prayer requests that have been sent His way for me that there’s no other day! I am definitely preparing for the worst (no surgery tomorrow) but expecting the best!

This evening after doctor appointments my family and Austins family met at the zoo for one last outing! I have been begging my parents to go since we started this journey and it finally happened! Yes it was extremely hot, but I had a blast! I got to see my loves….ELEPHANTS!!!!  There’s just something about those cuties.

After the Zoo we had a family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Torchy’s Tacos, with my grandparents, aunt and cousin, Pastor Jason, one of moms best friends Sheri and Austins family. I love having almost everyone together but it was even better after when we came back to the hotel and had communion. Pastor Jason gave a short verse and sermon and we all prayed and gathered around for communion. That put the Cherry on top of everything. I felt a wave of relief rush over me and knew that no matter what God is with me.

I have known but this journey has confirmed that God does not do things to harm us. I know I’ve blogged before about us asking Him why me and I feel like before this big day I need to talk about it again. There has definitely been so many times where I want to ask him why me. “Why did I get chosen as the “lucky” one to win the stupid cancer lottery?” “Why do I have to lose my hair, eyebrows and eye lashes?” “Better yes WHY WHY WHY do I have to lose my leg!!??” Me and this left leg have been through so much and I don’t understand, but there is one thing I can tell you. This whole situation has done nothing but strengthen my relationship with my family, friends and the Lord. Yes it’s so easy to ask him why me but you know what, I’ve noticed it’s so much easier for me to ask Him why for all these other people I have seen / met throughout this journey! I feel like so many people don’t realize how blessed I am to lose JUST my leg. I have been questioned so many times if this is my only option and my answer is the same every time! NO, this is not my only option but I want to have a “normal” life, play volleyball again, and hopefully one day be able to chase my children around! To keep a normal leg I would not have any of those options.

By being blessed I mean I will hopefully be done with all this in about 6 months and then on the road to recovery, getting my prosthesis and getting back to school and on the volleyball court! There are so many kids I have met that are just praying to see another day! When your put on my position and comprehend exactly how those kids feel it makes you really understand. I pray that no one will ever have to go though this and pray they never have to comprehend how this feels because it’s not fun.

I have truly made the best out of everything God has thrown at me along this journey and I give much credit to my family and friends for that! They remind me its ok to laugh and joke about my future. Some jokes like my dads favorites, “Now we can go to half price nails and shoes.” Most people look at us when he says that but as crazy as it sounds I LOVE when we joke about this stuff. This is my new life and I gotta make the best out of it. No more “Why Me?” instead I will and want to ask y’all to Thank him! Thank him for waking you up each morning and allowing you to lay your head down at night. Never take life for granted because there is not a day promised. God has a huge plan for each and everyone of us and we just need to go along for the ride.

Thank you everyone for all the text, calls, Facebook messages, Instagram post, Facebook post…. EVERYTHING. They help me and encourage me to continue to shine!

Psalm 76:23

“My heart and my flesh may fail but God remains the strength of my heart and my portion forever..”

Much Love ❤️

Jillian K

Family means EVERYTHING❤️
Family means EVERYTHING❤️
Leaving sweet Olive Ewe was seriously the hardest! 😭
Leaving sweet Olive Ewe was seriously the hardest! 😭



So blessed to have this sweet boy by my side! 💜
So blessed to have this sweet boy by my side! 💜

Remember to be patient, for God has a bigger plan

These last few weeks have been full of anxiety, worry, hope, excitement, tears, laughter and just about any other emotion you can think of. As I posted in my last post my counts were not too hot therefore I was pushed back a week and a half on getting chemo. With that happening my surgery date was moved.

My first surgery date was June 27th and for some reason that day just didn’t feel right. I asked God multiple times to just give me peace and help me prepare for June 27th but I just never felt like that was going to be right.

When I called Dr. Lewis’s office the week before my last chemo treatment her P.A. said my next possible date would most likely be July 7th but that’s only if plastics would also be available. Dr. Lewis uses an awesome plastic surgeon in her rotationplasty surgeries to better reconstruct the skin. Before we hung up I told her I don’t know but I have a great feeling about 7/7 so let’s hope and pray it will be that day. Thanks be to God he answered those prayers and 7/7/16 is the day.

For those of you who might be wondering why I’m so excited about it being 7/7 I will be more than glad to tell you!

  1. Number 7 I just my favorite number. I mean who doesn’t love the lucky number 7!
  2. Number 7 has been my volleyball number in school or club since 6th grade. Since volleyball is also my favorite sport it just put the cherry on top of things.
  3. Lastly as my great Pastor, Pastor Jason Fry reminded me in the Bible the 7th day is the day of Devine completion. The day God had completed the work that had to be done to create earth so then he rested.

On the 7th day of the 7th month in the year of 2016 there will not be much resting but there will be completion. Yes my doctors will be working from anywhere to 6 to 9 hours on my leg (maybe even more) and my parents, family and friends will be waiting patiently inpatient to hear great news. Now the reason for my feeling of completion is because at last this nasty monster called CANCER will be out of my body! It will be a very emotional 7th day but I know it will be the beginning to my journey of healing and “new” life.

Yes, I will still have 6 more months of chemo and most likely won’t be in a prosthesis until next March but I feel nothing but positive vibes from here on out. I have told my parents I feel very positive about my outcome and as prepared as the Lord can make me therefore I’m excited!

These next two weeks will hopefully be relaxing and peaceful. I had a couple of appointments at MD Anderson yesterday (June 21st) and have some more on Monday the 27th but other than that we finally get to stay home.

I pray that in these next two weeks my anxiety will stay as low as possible (it is becoming more real as the days count down) and that I continue to be excited. Many people freak out when I say I’m excited about having an amputation but it’s an excitement that’s unexplained. It’s not the type of excitement you feel when something great happens but an excitement that you feel when you have a positive feeling about the outcome. Like I’ve said before I feel like all my 19 years of life God has prepared me for this and of course many other things that will come my way from here on out. I also pray for comfort for my family and friends as they also prepare for this. Y’all have all been amazing and I thank God daily for placing each and everyone of you in my life. Each of y’all play such a huge role in my life and healing process – so thank you!

As y’all wrap up reading this post I would like to ask y’all to stop and say a little prayer for my family, friends and me.  This of course is not going to be an easy transition for anyone but I know that God will be there to help comfort each and everyone of us and make it as smooth as possible. Thank you in advanced.

Genesis 2:3

“Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.”

Much Love,

Jillian K

Everyone meet sweet Olive Ewe! She is my new Goldendoodle and my goal is to train her as a therapy dog. She is the BEST!
Everyone meet sweet Olive Ewe! She is my new Goldendoodle and my goal is to train her as a therapy dog. She is the BEST!


My new snuggle buddy! She works wonders with anxity and tears!

She did awesome in the hospital and even Kay Kay and Bob Bob love her 💜
She did awesome in the hospital and even Kay Kay and Bob Bob love her 💜

Oh the Anticipation

Hello everyone!

Well if y’all are friends with mom on Facebook y’all will know it’s definitely been a rough couple of weeks and that is why I haven’t posted. My plan was to write a post about finally starting my last round of pre surgery chemo but that isn’t going as plan. (Insert sad face).

As y’all know my counts have been awesome but as my doctor said today the chemo is starting to take its tole on my body and bone marrow and just my luck it’s on my round. Last week I picked up a lovely cold and of course it was right when my counts got the lowest they’ve been. Since all that happened at once my body has not been able to recover how it should and then it decide to start running a fever. It is like all of the happened at the “perfect” time…. NOT!

Last Tuesday I decided to call my surgeon because I had not heard anything on surgery. I thought I was getting anxious but that was no where close to the anxiety that grew after I talked to her! I called expecting a surgery date but since it was on my portal I told myself they didn’t. Well I was wrong.. Very wrong (LOL) they had everything set and were actually inputting it while I called!

My surgery date as of now is June 27th, that’s if I get chemo Friday. So Pray Pray Pray! I will go almost the whole week before surgery for meetings with the plastic surgeon, my oncologist at MD Anderson, and Dr. Lewis my orthopedic oncologist. Also that week I’ll have blood work, a MRI, and a chest CT. It’s truly crazy how fast it’s all coming up!

I pray that God continues to heal me and bring my counts up and fever down. It really stinks when there is really nothing at all I can do to make counts come up or a virus go away. Believe me we’ve asked and all that will work is time! 

On a different note this summer I wanted to take a family pre surgery trip to Tennessee but with all this crazyness we might not make it as a family. Right now our plan is for mom and I to fly up to Memphis for a couple days and go to Graceland and also visit with 2 other girls I have met on Facebook who also have Ewings Sarcoma and are being treated at St. Jude’s. I hope that it will all still work out because that is one big thing I have decided I’d like to do. (Visit with those who are terminal or fighting the same disease as me. )

With all this being said I would like to thank all of y’all for being paitent with me on posting! It’s of course 11:37 pm and I’m laying in a hospital bed but I finally got enough energy!

One of my post I put my email and if y’all have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me any questions you might have.

Also like to thank my family and friends for being such awesome supporters for me and reminding me that it’s ok to be scared about surgery and 6 more months of chemo but they will all be there to keep me strong and fight with me.

Lastly I’d like y’all to not just pray for me but for any child fighting cancer. It’s a scary thing. Thank God I’m to the age where I can understand just about everything going on but there are young children and babies who have no clue why they have to get a terrible poison pumped into their body that makes them so sick and lose their hair and everything else that comes along with nasty chemo. It’s very hard to explain to a young child that this poison will hopefully heal them because it make NO sense. I also ask you to pray that God helps them and their families get through the terrible time. God as a great plan for each and everyone of us but I feel like those who go through this he has a even greater plan.

I will try to do another update as a get closer to surgery but I ask y’all to bear with me I will do my best.

Mathew 17:20

“Prayer Moves Mountains”

Much Love,

Jillian K ❤️


Fun at Graduation party with these two sweet girls 💜
Fun at Graduation party with these two sweet girls 💜
I love these two more than anything in the world. So bless to have such strong and inspiring parents to guide and protect me👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (we're missing my brother in this post)
I love these two more than anything in the world. So bless to have such strong and inspiring parents to guide and protect me👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (we’re missing my brother in this post)
My new favorite picture of Austin and I! So bless to have this boy on my life 💜
My new favorite picture of Austin and I! So bless to have this boy on my life 💜
For those of you who know me WELL know Pinky, but for those of you who have no clue this is Pinky. I have had her since about second grade and she has not missed a night with me! She hold many many tears that's for sure!
For those of you who know me WELL know Pinky, but for those of you who have no clue, this is Pinky. I have had her since about second grade and she has not missed a night with me! She holds many many tears and memories that’s for sure! 🐻
I was blessed with an amazing off shore fishing trip with close family friends! I can't thank them or the Simper Fi Crew! It was amazing🐟
I was blessed with an amazing off shore fishing trip with close family friends! I can’t thank them or the Simper Fi Crew enough! It was amazing🐟
Here Fishy Fishy! 🎣
Here Fishy Fishy! 🎣
Sunday we got to spend the day with Mr. Flint and his amazing family for his Texas 1st Birthday Party. His parents are the ones who helped me with raising sheep and I can't thank God enough for the bond we have grown! Love y'all so much and Happy 1st Birthday Flint! ❤️
Sunday we got to spend the day with Mr. Flint and his amazing family for his Texas 1st Birthday Party. His parents are the ones who helped me with raising sheep and I can’t thank God enough for the bond we have grown! Love y’all so much and Happy 1st Birthday Flint! ❤️

The countdown to Rotationplasty has begun

Well the biggest countdown of my life has officially begun, the countdown to my surgery.

This morning I will begin my last month of pre surgery chemo. It is crazy yet awesome how fast this is flying by. I can’t thank God enough for the patients and strength he has given me up to this point. I also ask him to continue guiding me with the strength and knowledge needed to prepare for my surgery.

Many of you have asked me questions like, is this my only option, do I really want to do this, have you seen other doctors and gotten another opinion, why won’t the tumor just go away and are you sure your ready.

To answer your questions, no this is not my only option but with the 3 options I was given for me to live an active and what’s called a normal life this is my best option. Once I get into my prosthetic leg I will have zero limitations! If you as me that pretty amazing! Next, yes I do want to do this! One of my goals is to spread awareness on childhood cancer especially bone and I see my new leg as being a great conversation starter. For each person to ask about my leg that will be another person aware!

Yes, I have gotten multiple opinions and all have given me the same answer and explained to me that yes there’s always a chance of relapse but that number decreases drastically with rotationplasty. I can tell y’all this much, I’d rather have a little leg over having to go through this terrible chemo any day. Yes it’s going to be a huge change cosmetically but like I said that’s just another chance to spread awareness.
The thing about bone tumors is if they can be removed they have to be. My oncologist explained this to us in the very beginning, bone tumors are not like (ex.) kidney tumors and will just liquefy and disappear. They will stay there until taken out. Without surgery the most they can do shrink it but not make it go away!

Lastly am I ready, this is my favorite question because really who is ever ready to have their leg cut off… NO ONE! With that begin said I feel like I am as ready as the Lord can make me. Him and I have had multiple conversations about this and not one time do I feel that he has tried to push me away from this. Like I’ve said before I feel that he has prepared for this amazing change all my life and with Him, my family, friends and amazing supporters this will all be so much easier.

Now for those of you wondering how I am doing, I am doing amazing!! I have not been sick yet and for those of you who have been on chemo know how good of a thing this is. There are days where I feel terrible and just want to sleep but I’ve learned if I make myself get up and go do something I feel so much better! People say 99% of this battle is attitude and they are 150% right on that. Thank God for my dads assistant Sydney for getting me up at 7:30 every morning and keeping me going till sun down! She has truly been a blessing.

These past two weeks has been great and I’ve felt great. Austin came down and we loaded our days with things to do. Last weekend we went out on the boat to fish a little and catch a great tan. When I went to the hospital Sunday for the photo shoot and video interview one of my oncologist laughed and said he didn’t think I would need blood because my color looked good but of course my counts were a lot lower than he expected. I ended up having my first blood transfusion and boy was that a weird feeling (someone else’s blood going into me) LOL

Other than that one time everything else has been great thank goodness my counts are good not great but hey if I can stay on track with chemo I am doing great!

I met with Dr. Lewis my surgeon Wednesday and “scheduled” my surgery. My projected surgery day is June 30th, that is if I stay on track with chemo. If not it will be 3 weeks after my last chemo treatment. Also after my treatment I got to meet my “Ewings twin” Gayle. Gayle’s and my story are very similar (she has it in the base of her skull) and to make things crazier we are birthday twins exactly! (March 5, 1997) It was so nice to finally meet and share stories about our fight. God puts such amazing people in our lives at the most perfect times.

Also another great exciting thing was my big brother finally came home after being gone 134 days. I missed his crazy self so much and so glad he will be here for the most life changing parts of my fight.

I am nervous, excited, happy, sad and everything else you can think of but I seriously can not wait to see the life God has ahead of me.

Thank you all for keeping up with my leap and the many thought and prayers sent my way. They are all truly amazing and very helpful.

Plsams 101:3

“I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not fasten its grip on me.”

Much love,

Jillian K

Austin and I at the hooks game⚾️
Austin and I at the hooks game⚾️


Poppa and I ❤️image

Here fishy fishy 💛

The film crew for my interview.
The film crew for my interview.


Trent is finally home 😁😁

Out on the water
Out on the water


Gayle and I 🎗💛💪🏼
Gayle and I 🎗💛💪🏼

My Open Letter To Cancer

Oh cancer,

Boy do I have a lot to say to you! I could sit here and tell you how much I hate you and how much you’ve changed my family, my friends and my life but I’m sure you already know that! Instead I’m going to sit here and tell you how thankful I am of you and why I’ve chosen my motto to be Jillian’s Leap through Cancer!

Thank you for grounding me and making me realize life is way to short to live in the fast lane like I was. You’ve taught me that it is ok to sit back and relax and soak life in a little.

Thank you for bringing my family that much closer. Yes we have always been a tight knit strong willed family but you’ve taught us that family time is more valuable than anything out there.

Thank you for giving me the time that I needed to figure out what my calling in life is. I know that I want to by a inspirational speaker but as far as career I have yet to figure that out exactly where I should be. Good thing I still have 7 more months of kicking your butt.

Lastly Thank you Thank you for strengthening my relationship with our Lord. My faith is stronger than ever and I so proud of it! Because of you I am better able to spread His word to those who may have never taken the chance to hear it.

So yes cancer I do hate you but more than that I am thankful for all that you’ve done in my life and I’m going to leap through you!

Much Love,

Jillian K

Just an Update

Hey everyone I just wanted to drop in and leave an update. I usually like to wait until I feel like I have a calling or something big to write about but nothing has come to me yet so I decided to go ahead and update.

These past couple of weeks have been quite crazy! As far as my health goes I have been feeling great. I did spike a 102.8 fever about 2 weeks ago after one of my 2 day treatments. Thank goodness all the tests came back great and I was only in the hospital for about 24 hours.

Since then I’ve been going going going as normal. The first weekend in May we had a relaxing weekend off and spent it at the JW Marriot for the NuStar Fundraiser. Dad and I got to go shoot in a sporting clay compatition (by the way this is my new sport I’m going to pick up) and we had a blast!

Since then I have just been hanging around the house with Sydeny and relaxing as much as possible. My counts are starting to drop a lot faster than before but that is normal and kind of reassuring that the chemo is working.

I just finished my second month of pre-surgery chemo and I can not believe how fast it is flying by. Yes I am ready to have my surgery and get this nasty monster out of my leg but I don’t feel anyone could ever be completely ready for something like this.

This treatment has definitely knocked me down. I have done a whole lot of sleeping and I can’t wait to get out of the hospital.(ONLY ONE MORE DAY)

I would like to thank y’all again for following my journey and understanding that I will post when I find the energy. Y’all are all the best and I’m so blessed!

2nd Timothy 1:7

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline”


Much Love,

Jillian K❤️