My Journey Begins!

Hey, everyone, this will be my first and “test” post to my new blog. Since I haven’t posted on it for the last 4 days this will be my catch up post for everyone to see.

Day #1 February 29th, 2016:

I woke up with much worry in my heart. I knew no matter what God would be there and so would my family and friends. I walked myself back to the surgery room with my OR nurse holding my hand and filling my mind with positive thoughts. As I laid on the operating table I began to cry almost uncontrollably. I kept asking for my momma and poppa. Dr. Williams P.A. came to my rescue and held my hand just like my momma would have while the anesthesiologist hooked me up to everything and slowly put me to sleep. The next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. The first words out of my mouth to the nurse were, “is it cancer?” I got no response out of her. I fell back to sleep for a little while then I was woken up by my daddy rubbing my leg and my momma crying. When I asked her what it was her response was “… it’s not good”. At that point, I had to choose whether I was going to break down and let this take over me or if I was going to begin my fight and that’s when I choose option #2. I felt as if a wave of hope rushed over me and I knew God had a huge plan for me. I got released from the hospital shortly and headed back to my hotel in Seguin. I was flooded by support from my friends and family. I could not be more grateful each to have them in my life.

Day #2 March 1st, 2016

Today was a day full of tests. I went to San Antonio at 9:45 for my first appointment and was injected with nuclear radiation. After that, I had a CT scan then went and ate with two of my best friends Dallas and Keana. We decided to go to Cracker Barrell and I got chicken and dumplings, this was my first meal since Sunday evening and it was AMAZING! After we ate we headed back to the radiology place and had my bone scan done. It was so cool to be able to see my full bone structure and where exactly the cancer was attacking my body. As of what we could tell the cancer was localized in just my femur. After all the test we headed back to the hotel and I feel as the emotions started to hit a little harder and the shock slowly faded but that is ok… I think. When I got back to the hotel Austin, Kaci, Colin, Chelsea, and Mercedes came to hang out with me. We laid around the hotel and ate some great comforting food. God is seriously amazing and in a way I am excited to see where he is going to lead me.  “Dear Lord please watch over my family, my friends and I. You are an amazing God and I know you work miracles. Love you God in your name I pray.” Amen

Day #3 March 2nd, 2016

Today was a very eventful day. I decided to try to go to school. I got up bright and early and went to 2 of my 4 classes, my 8am and my 9am and then I ran out of energy. I went back to my dorm and took a 3 hour nap!! Since it was my last day I figured why not try and make it to class and I soon figured out why the doctor said no. (lol) After my great nap mom decided that retail therapy would be a great idea so Chelsea, Kaci, Colin and I loaded up in my car and mom drove us to the outlet mall in San Marcos. I was able to get some dresses and shorts that I will be able to wear after my surgery and some moo moos that are acceptable to wear to chemo treatments, oh and a big fluffly North Face Jacket. Days like these make me feel so blessed to have the best people in my life! When we got back to Seguin we dropped off the kids and picked up Austin and we went to the hotel. Dallas actually surprised me with an early birthday present and a cookie cake. Needless to say I had a wonderful day!

Day #4 March 3rd, 2016

Today was a quality day with my Poppa! Although he had to take me to the doctor because I have a cold and I can’t be sick to start chemo it was still an amazing day. After we went to the doctor we went we had a lunch date a Kirby’s in Seguin. Pop had never been there and I’m glad I got to take him for the first time. We sat outside on the patio and ate our burgers. After lunch we went back to my dorm and relaxed for the afternoon while my dad waited on mom to get back from San Antonio. He of course took a nap but Taylor Thompson came to visit me for the evening and brought me some chocolate cake. After mom, dad and Taylor left I got ready and went to our boys basketball game. It felt so good to get out and see all of my friends and coaches and they of course made me feel great. “I love you God and thank you for my friends and family.” Amen

(Also gotta give a shout out to Dana and Andy for my lovely new teddy bear and card.. love yall)

Much Love,

Jillian K.


Best Sis ever!


My Femur cake form Chelsea!


My teddy bear form Dana and Andy


First day to sleep past 3 a.m.!


  1. Nelda Barajas

    Pretty girl I just want you to know that you are in my daily prayers…remember that God is in control and with lots of prayer and faith ???????? you will get through this journey! ? Love you! ❤️❤️

  2. Kim Bowers


    You may not remember us, but we are a CC Wave family and an Odem UMC family. I just wanted you to know that you are in our prayers and that God is Good! He will take care of you in your time of need!

    Bless you and your family!

    • Erina

      Your beautiful warm welcoming smile got me through my hard competition I got 1st place?So I know you can beat this cancer then a little competition your a strong girl we all are praying for you everywhere we are never forget us……. Sinton pirates ??

  3. Marce Bluntzer

    Well it sounds like your birthday weekend was great! You are in our prayers and please if you and your parents need anything please let us know!! We love to infinity and beyond and I am so proud of how positive you are staying! God Speed love ya!!!

  4. Cindy Garcia

    Jillian, I am praying for you! You are strong willed and determined even back when you were at OJH. God is so very good, and He has a divine purpose for the events in our lives. Jeremiah 29:11. I love the blog! Love you bunches!
    Mrs. C. Garcia

  5. Jessica Encinia

    Praying for you Miss Jill! God is good. Dwight said you need to take him to the Extra Special Livestock show. He thinks it’s coming up. ? Silly.

  6. Ruth Smallwood

    I love your blog. ? What a strong young lady you are….an inspiration to us all. And as you know angels watch over us…..and God sent you a special ? to help you through your journey. Hugs and ??

  7. Janie

    When Becca told me about what was going on with you my heart weeped .. sweet Jillian, I asked God why .. but then I asked to please be with you through all of this . It will be a journey and I know you have strong beliefs and I know that you are a strong person and will fight this like all others battles .. sweet one just know we are all praying for you ..

  8. charlene Katzenback


    Our Daughter Gayle was just diagnosed on Dec 23rd with Ewings.

    She just turned 19 on March 5th, her sisters name is Jillian too!

    We live in Austin and go between here and Houston for treatment.

    I just thought I would reach out to you in case you want to speak to someone your age with the same diagnosis.

    Gayle goes in for Round 7 of chemo tomorrow and we’re hoping to start radiation in the next few weeks.

    Gayle’s tumor is a rare type of Ewings that has grown at the base if her skull and surgery would only be considered as a life saving measure due to the risk. The tumor has grown around all her vital nerves, jugular and carotid artery.

    We started a facebook group for her called Gayle>cancer.

    Wishing you much success as you embark on this journey.

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