The countdown to Rotationplasty has begun

Well the biggest countdown of my life has officially begun, the countdown to my surgery.

This morning I will begin my last month of pre surgery chemo. It is crazy yet awesome how fast this is flying by. I can’t thank God enough for the patients and strength he has given me up to this point. I also ask him to continue guiding me with the strength and knowledge needed to prepare for my surgery.

Many of you have asked me questions like, is this my only option, do I really want to do this, have you seen other doctors and gotten another opinion, why won’t the tumor just go away and are you sure your ready.

To answer your questions, no this is not my only option but with the 3 options I was given for me to live an active and what’s called a normal life this is my best option. Once I get into my prosthetic leg I will have zero limitations! If you as me that pretty amazing! Next, yes I do want to do this! One of my goals is to spread awareness on childhood cancer especially bone and I see my new leg as being a great conversation starter. For each person to ask about my leg that will be another person aware!

Yes, I have gotten multiple opinions and all have given me the same answer and explained to me that yes there’s always a chance of relapse but that number decreases drastically with rotationplasty. I can tell y’all this much, I’d rather have a little leg over having to go through this terrible chemo any day. Yes it’s going to be a huge change cosmetically but like I said that’s just another chance to spread awareness.
The thing about bone tumors is if they can be removed they have to be. My oncologist explained this to us in the very beginning, bone tumors are not like (ex.) kidney tumors and will just liquefy and disappear. They will stay there until taken out. Without surgery the most they can do shrink it but not make it go away!

Lastly am I ready, this is my favorite question because really who is ever ready to have their leg cut off… NO ONE! With that begin said I feel like I am as ready as the Lord can make me. Him and I have had multiple conversations about this and not one time do I feel that he has tried to push me away from this. Like I’ve said before I feel that he has prepared for this amazing change all my life and with Him, my family, friends and amazing supporters this will all be so much easier.

Now for those of you wondering how I am doing, I am doing amazing!! I have not been sick yet and for those of you who have been on chemo know how good of a thing this is. There are days where I feel terrible and just want to sleep but I’ve learned if I make myself get up and go do something I feel so much better! People say 99% of this battle is attitude and they are 150% right on that. Thank God for my dads assistant Sydney for getting me up at 7:30 every morning and keeping me going till sun down! She has truly been a blessing.

These past two weeks has been great and I’ve felt great. Austin came down and we loaded our days with things to do. Last weekend we went out on the boat to fish a little and catch a great tan. When I went to the hospital Sunday for the photo shoot and video interview one of my oncologist laughed and said he didn’t think I would need blood because my color looked good but of course my counts were a lot lower than he expected. I ended up having my first blood transfusion and boy was that a weird feeling (someone else’s blood going into me) LOL

Other than that one time everything else has been great thank goodness my counts are good not great but hey if I can stay on track with chemo I am doing great!

I met with Dr. Lewis my surgeon Wednesday and “scheduled” my surgery. My projected surgery day is June 30th, that is if I stay on track with chemo. If not it will be 3 weeks after my last chemo treatment. Also after my treatment I got to meet my “Ewings twin” Gayle. Gayle’s and my story are very similar (she has it in the base of her skull) and to make things crazier we are birthday twins exactly! (March 5, 1997) It was so nice to finally meet and share stories about our fight. God puts such amazing people in our lives at the most perfect times.

Also another great exciting thing was my big brother finally came home after being gone 134 days. I missed his crazy self so much and so glad he will be here for the most life changing parts of my fight.

I am nervous, excited, happy, sad and everything else you can think of but I seriously can not wait to see the life God has ahead of me.

Thank you all for keeping up with my leap and the many thought and prayers sent my way. They are all truly amazing and very helpful.

Plsams 101:3

“I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not fasten its grip on me.”

Much love,

Jillian K

Austin and I at the hooks game⚾️

Austin and I at the hooks game⚾️


Poppa and I ❤️image

Here fishy fishy 💛

The film crew for my interview.

The film crew for my interview.


Trent is finally home 😁😁

Out on the water

Out on the water


Gayle and I 🎗💛💪🏼

Gayle and I 🎗💛💪🏼


  1. Mary and Buzz D.

    You are amazing Jill. Glad the chemo is soon over and that you are tolerating it well. You are a brave girl and you ARE already a spoke person for this terrible disease and have already helped others with your candid, honest and positive attitude. Prayers always for you. And prayers for your family.

  2. Jill, I have been following your journey & am so moved by your courage & attitude! God is doing great things through you! Wish I could see you but my crazy schedule at the Food Bank prohibits me from going anywhere. Know I am praying for you every day & if there is a special thing you’d like me to add to my prayer list I would be glad to. Stay strong & couageous my young sister in Christ! Much love to you!

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