Remember to Give Thanks!

November and December are my two most favorite months of the year. Of course, I also love my birthday month, but my favorite things about November and December are; November is about Giving Thanks, and December we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How can you not love those months!?

Since it is November, I decided I want to talk about the many things that I am thankful for. This year has not been ideal, but there are many amazing opportunities that have come with this year that I would have never experienced if it hadn’t been for cancer.

The first thing I am so very thankful for is my amazing family. Not just my parents and brother but my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins… EVERYONE. Which includes my church family, especially Pastor Jason, for always checking on me and reassuring me of the strength of my faith. They have been my number one fans through this whole process. I have a weird feeling that this process has been a lot harder on them than it has been on me, but they never fail to call and check on me, stop by and say hi, or even just send a text, they are all amazing and I would like to say Thank you for it all.

I am thankful for the strangers that have now become familiar faces. It is the best feeling in the world whether I am in Houston, San Antonio, Seguin or Corpus and a random person stops us and says “Are you Jillian? I [or my family and I] have been praying for you and we are so proud of you.” Let me tell you; cancer is not easy, and no one ever said it was, but when you hear something like that it makes the next step a lot lighter to take. (or wheel / hop in my case since I don’t have my leg yet [lol]) So thank you all for that.

The next thing I am so thankful for is my amazing nurses. I have been blessed with a LOT of nurses. Whether it be in the emergency room, operating room, clinic, in-patient, or home health, y’all have all been amazing. I can’t imagine how difficult the job must be, but I also know there are so many amazing rewards that come with it. You all make sure that every one of your patients are getting the best care there is, and give it everything you have to make sure we are comfortable. Chemo does suck, but y’all make it suck a lot less when y’all walk in with the biggest smiles on your face. {Special shout out to Kayla & Terri, y’all are awesome and you have both gone out of your way to make this experience into a positive one for me and my family} Thank y’all for being the best!

Now to my doctors… I could not be in better hands! Dr. Sugalski (not sure if or when you might read this) but Thank you. You continue to assure me, whether you realize it or not, that everything is going to be okay and work out. I know I am full of so many random thoughts and questions but you never fail to laugh at them or answer them to the best of your ability! YOU ROCK! To my surgeons Dr. Lewis and Dr. Adelman, thank y’all for helping me make one of the hardest, yet best decisions of my life. I know y’all don’t always wake up excited to consult a patient about having their leg amputated or even getting ready for surgery, but your calm manner and great spirits make it so much easier. I never thought I would grow so close to y’all, but my family and I now consider y’all family! I know I am not quite to the end yet, but I would like to thank all three of y’all for helping save my life. Not only that, but giving me the best opportunity for a long, full, happy life!

To TLU volleyball and TLU in general..Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing FAMILY! I knew when I decided to go to TLU it was going to be one of the best decision of my life, and after my diagnosis it has just gotten better! Thank y’all!

Next I would like to thank cancer. I might be the only patient that thinks this, but I feel its because I have the good Lord on my side. Like I said in the beginning cancer has giving me so many amazing opportunities I may have never gotten. Cancer has taught me to fight like there is no tomorrow, because you literally have no clue what tomorrow could bring! It has reminded me to hold family and friends close, because you never know where life (and cancer) might take you. It has taught me to pray harder than ever before. I have always held God close but I can truly say, He has become my best friend. Whether I am scared, sad, happy, unsure, I can turn to Him and He always gives me the exact answers I need. So cancer, thank you for making me a warrior!

I know I couldn’t have possibly thanked everyone personally who I have come into contact with since my diagnosis, so just know that I am eternally grateful for the impact each and every one of you have made in this incredible journey. I truly thank God for blessing me with such uplifting, kind hearted people. Not only during this journey, but throughout my entire life. THANK YOU!

Lastly, I would like to thank God. I know I mentioned it in the paragraph above but I can’t say it enough. THANK YOU. Thank you of making me strong, for teaching me that bald is the most beautiful thing there is. That having one leg is even cooler than two. That patience is so very important (I struggle with this daily hehe). You have taught me to take it one day at a time, because the best is yet to come!

I could literally go on for days about everything I am thankful for, but for right now, that’s a wrap. I am doing wonderful and can not wait to be finished with this process. I made counts today! So after this 5 night stay, I will only have FIVE treatments left!! I can count those on one hand, HOLY COW!! Thank y’all so much for all the prayers! (Last but not least, I really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding when it comes to my sporadic blogging!)

Thanks for reading!


“I’ve brought a big bat I’m all ready, you see. Now my cancer is going to have troubles with me” -Dr. Seuss

“And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.”      -1 Chronicles 29:13


With Much Love,