I am still Jillian

Hey friends, I have made it a goal of mine to post at the end of each month but I just could not wait any longer. Not sure how many of you all know this, but I am approaching my one year since my diagnosis date! HOW CRAZY! In this year so much has changed; … {check it out}

Oh 2016; What a Year you have Been!

2016, There are so many things I could say to you and HATE you for, but my thankfulness trumps ALL of that! I’ve got to say this year is one I will NEVER forget! Not only has cancer changed my life but it has blessed me BEYOND measure! It has taught me that no matter … {check it out}

Remember to Give Thanks!

November and December are my two most favorite months of the year. Of course, I also love my birthday month, but my favorite things about November and December are; November is about Giving Thanks, and December we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How can you not love those … {check it out}

A Year Ago, “Only If”

For those of you who are on¬†Facebook, know that memories pop up to remind you of pictures or posts that you’ve posted in the past. Some might be from just a year ago, others multiple years in the past. As I’ve been going through this leap, I am constantly¬†reminded about many amazing memories I have … {check it out}

Introducing Leni and Larry to the world!

Thank you all for being patient with me seeing as it has taken a while to post. One, because of my computer being stolen and also I have started up my final seventeen rounds of chemo. WOOHOO!!! Many of my other cancer buddies warned me that these next rounds would be a little more difficult … {check it out}

Only 6 Hours ’til Go Time!

It’s 11:07 and I’m laying here in the hotel bed with momma and Kaci! Kac and I are watching How to be Single and moms rubbing my legs. Dad is in his bed almost asleep… Even though I have a strong feeling there won’t be much sleeping in this room nor in my grandparents room … {check it out}