God is truly AMAZING!

Hey everyone! Sorry It’s been a while since my last post but yesterday was also another great Friday. I had my one day chemo treatment yesterday morning which took about 2 hours! My counts are dropping like normal but the doctor is not too concerned about them and said they will most likely start to … {check it out}

Ding, Ding, Ding, Round One Complete!

Wow.. what a weekend and first round of chemo. First off I’d like to take a second to thank everyone again for the thoughts, prayers, love, and support you have given my family and me as I embark on this incredible journey God placed before me. Now about my first treatment… man did it fly … {check it out}

Finially, some good news!

Yesterday was probably the best day yet! God must have known it was time for that. I decided it was time for me to get out of the house a little bit so I went to work with momma. My energy level is still really low, even though I haven’t started any treatments yet, so … {check it out}

And the Countdown Begins…..

Today marks one week to my first chemo treatment. As the time starts to count down the nerves and anxiety have started to build. With all of that being said this week has been amazing and very relaxing, we’ve only had to make 3 trips to San Antonio!! (instead of 5 or 6) Also, another … {check it out}

What a Fast Three Days

I was planning to do a big post at the then end of this week but so much has already happened in these first three days I just could not wait.  Last week when we were going through all the drama with trying to get into MD Anderson mom went ahead and scheduled an appointment … {check it out}

19th Birthday Weekend!

Wooo who knew turning / being 19 would be so stressful!!? God has truly surrounded me with some amazing friends and I am so blessed I got to spend such a wonderful weekend with them. There are 6 of us at school that are almost inseparable, Kaci, Chelsea, Mercedes, Colin and my wonderful boyfriend Austin. … {check it out}

My Journey Begins!

Hey, everyone, this will be my first and “test” post to my new blog. Since I haven’t posted on it for the last 4 days this will be my catch up post for everyone to see. Day #1 February 29th, 2016: I woke up with much worry in my heart. I knew no matter what God … {check it out}